Parent Donors by Class Year

Participation: 67%

Anonymous (3)
Nancy Abruzzo
Jeff Allen
Patrick and Kimberly Allen
John Alsobrook and Allison Treloar
Patrick Apodaca and Leslie McCarthy-Apodaca
Janine and Michael Archibeck
Cindy and Jim Arndell
Rosa Arvizu
Lara Barkoff and John Baca
Linda Bay '82 Chu and Dahlon Chu
Sarah and Jim Blumenschein
Steve and Mary Bratzler
Jenny and Kevin Brown
Rhonda and George Buffett II '82
Nina and Tom Carlson
Don and Marie Cimarusti
Lisa and Peter Clugston
Emily and Scott Collis
Tracy and Geoffrey Cooper
Neima Corral
Shawn and Orlando Correa
Christopher Dineen and Julia Keleher
Maya Elrick
Kathryn Naassan and Michael Emerson
Lisa and Leonard Galante
Mily Zamora de Geisel and Matt Geisel
James and Colleen Goff
Damien Gonzales and Alma Rosa Delgado
Gary L. Gordon '79 and Terri Giron-Gordon
Ingrid and Mark Gorham '75
Mina and Basil Hassan
Christine and Mark Herman '87
Anne-Marie and Stephen Collins-Hornyak
Donna and Michael Hsu '85
Linda and Gary Hughes
Alice and Robert Hwang
Karen and John Jarocki
Teri and Christopher Jillson
Miranda Durham and David Johnson
Anne and Lawrence Jones
Lee and Joshua Kann
Amy Eglinton Keller and Matthew Keller
John and Rozella Kennedy
Jeongmi and Yongseek Kim
Bonnie and Kenneth Konopka
John Linder and Margaret Chaffey
Meredith and John Link
Liz Ebel-Louth and Jeff Louth
Belinda Archuleta and Michael Lucero
Mary and Paul Lucero
Carmen and Donald Maez
Shari O'Loughlin and Bryan Mantsch
Clinton Marrs
Robert and Anne-Marie Bovinette '87 Martinez
John and Terry McCormick
Rose Afandi and Thomas McOwiti
Douglas and Jennifer Meredith
Becky Sauerman-Miller and Don Miller
Sharon and Rich Moeser
Karrie and David Moore
Peter and Annie Nash
Chi Bui and Phiet Nguyen
Laura and Joseph Pauza
Kathy Bell-Pena and Thomas Pena
Trish and Pat* Porter
Heidi Roeber Rice and Evan Rice
Jennifer and Calvin Ridgeway
Kimberley and Matt Rodriguez
Pia and Jesus Salazar
Paul and Diane Short
Biu and Debbie So
Joe and Michal Sommers
Clare and Rod Stanopiewicz
Kathleen and Craig Steichen
Amanda Story
Delores and Sean Stroud
Anne Lowry '91 Taylor and Kyle Taylor '91
Jennifer and Shane Thompson
Elizabeth Duran-Valdez and Ivan Valdez
Carl and Tania Vanecek
Lani and David Velez
Karen and Paul Vianco
Mike and Marie Vining
Kathleen and Jay Vinson
Michelle Xie and Charlie and Wang
Ingrid and Kevin Wellman
Michelle and David Wick '86
Rachel Wilson
Jude Stern and Allen Win
Frank and Mary Wyant
Hope and Brandon Wynn